The year was 1962. Martin Hamilton, who began his career at Rocky Mountain in 1954, was regional manager of the company’s activities in the Eastern United States. Recognizing the tremendous potential of a new emerging market, our president Martin Brusse asked Marty to establish a permanent European presence for Rocky Mountain Orthodontics to be headquartered in Paris. At the outset Rocky Mountain products were distributed through Pyramid S.A., a prominent dental supply company headquartered in the French capital.
After several years, it was decided that Rocky Mountain’s ambitions in France and Europe would be best served within the framework of a subsidiary company.
In 1967 Rocky Mountain France was established and took up residence at Rue Singer, 16°, Paris. Martin worked tirelessly to promote Rocky Mountain Orthodontics. Not least of Martin’s many achievements was the introduction of the Bioprogressive (Ricketts) philosophy and related appliance systems into the European market. Numerous courses, seminars and study clubs were organized with Dr. Carl Gugino. For more than three decades events sponsored by Rocky Mountain and featuring Carl were among the most popular on the continent. It is a tribute to Martin and Dr. Gugino that the Bioprogressive philosophy continues to enjoy a wide following today in throughout Europe.
In addition to his outstanding efforts in France, Martin, with the assistance of his wife Natalie, traveled extensively abroad promoting Rocky Mountain products and services. Martin, Natalie and a Rocky Mountain exhibit became fixtures at every important orthodontic congress. During this period exclusive distribution agreements were awarded to numerous orthodontic specialty companies throughout Europe and subsidiaries were established in Germany (1970) and Italy (1976). Today Rocky Mountain is represented by an independent dealer network spanning twenty-seven countries serviced directly from RMO Europe headquarters in Illkirch. Martin Hamilton managed Rocky Mountain France until his untimely passing in 1990. Twenty years on Marty continues to be remembered fondly as a teacher, a visionary and an exceptional leader by all those who had the good fortune to know him.
In 1990, the elimination of border controls, the free movement of goods and people and a single currency within European Economic Community were on the horizon. Dan Van Straten, Vice President, Global Development, was charged with developing a strategy for reorganizing RMO France to better serve a quickly expanding market. In December 1990, and after considering several options, the decision was taken to re-locate the company in Illkirch, a suburb of the city of Strasbourg in the Alsace region of France. The community offers a skilled and multi-lingual labour pool, close proximity to important major markets and a scientific park setting close to the city center. It was at this time that Rocky Mountain France was renamed RMO Europe to better reflect the international scope of its business. A new building needed to be conceptualized, an architect and general contractor commissioned, permits acquired, furnishings and office equipment purchased and new employees hired and trained. A target date for the transfer of the company’s activity of January 1, 1992 presented Dan with a daunting logistical challenge. Ground breaking for the new building finally took place August 2, 1991. December 28 the Paris office ceased activity and the inventory was transported 450 kilometers to the completed facility in Illkirch. As planned the company resumed regular business from its new location January 2, 1992. In 1991 Lyn Turner was appointed general manager of RMO Europe. Lyn, who joined RMO in 1966, was president of Rocky Mountain Orthodontics (Canada) Ltd. prior to his European appointment.
In 1992 RMO Europe implemented a new custom EDP program. With the assistance of RMO Denver, a full service preweld department was set up and operators were trained. In September RMO Europe began servicing German retail accounts and European dealers on a direct basis.
Marc Mayer RMO Europe Offices in Strasbourg, France In 1996 the company developed its Quality Management System (ISO 9002) and acquired the Medical Device Directive (EN46002) and CE certifications necessary to satisfy the European Community regulatory requirements. At the annual shareholder meeting in May 2010, on the eve of Lyn Turner’s retirement, Marc Mayer was appointed President of RMO Europe SAS. Marc joined Rocky Mountain France in 1988 and has since been involved in all aspects of the company’s operations. His hard work, loyalty and dedication have been fundamental to the success of RMO Europe and Marc is well equipped to continue the proud and independent tradition of RMO in the years ahead.

Rocky Mountain Orthodontics Inc.

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Za Europu: RMO Europe
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